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What is the difference between the Super duty and Contractor ladders?

The “SUPER DUTY” is our Flagship model and by far our best seller. It has more reinforcing, safety, and comfort features, weighs a little more, cost a little more. It is designed to withstand the daily use and abuse of heavy commercial fruit harvesting.

The “CONTRACTOR” is built using many of the same components as the “SUPER DUTY” while still maintaining a budget friendly price point. It is offered in limited sizes and availability to further help reduce cost. For a side by side comparison please see our ladder pages.

Do you make wood or fiberglass ladders?

No we do not; aluminum is the best suited material for orchard use ladders.

Are your ladders repairable?

The short answer is yes, in most cases. If your ladders are showing excessive signs of age or wear, or have been previously repaired, replacement is your best option. For those of you close enough to bring them to our facility we offer repair services. Replacement parts and riveters are also available to purchase. Please see our Replacement Parts page for more information. Repairs should be done by qualified professionals using the proper tools, parts, and fasteners.

Can I use your ladders for jobs other than orchard use?

Although they may be useful for many tasks, they are designed and intended for orchard use only. Use for other activities is not recommended. Please see our Safety page for more information.

Do you offer an adjustable third leg for your ladders?

Not at this time. They add weight, cost, and we have found them useful only in extreme conditions, such as use on a staircase or a severe slope. Although some applications may have a legitimate need for such a ladder, our customers are primarily commercial users working in orchard and landscape environments that do not present these types of challenges. Our ladders when used correctly are suitable for use on uneven ground or reasonable slopes. Please see our Safety page for more information.

Can your ladders be used on hard or slippery surfaces?

NO, penetration of the surface is required for safe use on all points that touch the ground.
We can install as an option a cable/lanyard on our tripod ladders to retain the third leg. This is an option for customers that occasionally must use the ladder on a hard surface.
NEVER use orchard ladders on concrete, asphalt, or any other hard or slippery surface without the addition of the cable.

What is the black piece located on the inner rail of some of your larger ladders?

This is called a shoulder pad and comes standard on our larger, longer, and heavier ladders. It offers worker comfort and promotes safe carrying of the ladder. It also indicates the balance point of the ladder, which is very helpful when taking down any large ladder.

What is that red step found on your "SUPER DUTY" ladders for?

The red step indicates you have reached an unsafe standing height. Never stand on or above the red step. We can also install on all three upper steps and is a recommended option. A great visual for crew leaders, they can spot unsafe use by their workers easily and from a distance. Common sense should always prevail, our red step is merely a guide and is not meant to be an exact measurement in all situations.

What is a special use ladder?

A special use or “special purpose ladder” is a portable ladder which represents a modification or combination of design or construction features of more commonly used types of ladders. The purpose of which is to adapt the ladder to special or specific uses which in our case would be orchard use. All ladders manufactured by Strathmore Ladder are considered special use.

Why should I buy a Strathmore Ladder?

Whether you’re a large commercial user or a homeowner with a few fruit trees in the backyard you will be glad you bought a Strathmore Ladder. 100% US sourced materials, US made, we don’t cut corners at the expense of quality. Our ladders are comfortable, durable, and stable. The time tested designs will provide you unequaled longevity. Simply put they are built to better, built to be the best.

Where can I purchase Strathmore Brand Ladders?

We have stocking dealers in many of the fruit producing regions of the US. Due to shipping cost it is best to purchase locally through one of these dealers if possible. If a local dealer is not available or does not carry what you need, we would be happy to assist you in acquiring a STRATHMORE BRAND ladder either directly through us or one of our online retailers.


How much does shipping cost?

It can be very expensive on small orders, especially if shipped to a residence or rural location. Please contact us for more information and options available in your specific area. 

Can you ship your ladders UPS?

No, they are beyond the allowed shipping dimensions and must be shipped via common carrier (Freight truck).

What can I do to reduce my shipping charges?

Buy ladders from an authorized dealer, if there is one available in your area. Because of the volume purchased, their freight and product costs are less and they are able to pass that savings onto you.

What if you do not have a dealer in my area?

Providing a commercial address will reduce your charges. This could be your place of work, a friends business, any commercial location that has signage and regular business hours.
Because the freight companies charge for a minimum amount of weight buying additional ladders can be a huge savings. You can often get as many as six ladders shipped for the same cost as shipping one.

What do I need to know before receiving my ladder from the freight carrier?

Unless stated otherwise by us your ladders will be shipped using a third party common carrier freight truck.
Please advise us at time of order if someone is available during normal business hours at your location to receive the product. If not, we can have the freight carrier contact you prior to delivery for an additional fee. Be sure that the contact phone number provided will be the best to reach you on during business hours.
We do not suggest authorizing release without someone being present to inspect for damage and verify the piece count. Should there be missing pieces or damage in this situation, you have no recourse.
Freight damage although not common, does occur from time to time, especially on out of state shipments. Always carefully inspect each ladder for damage prior to signing. Damage may be slightly concealed by packaging or just hard to see, so look carefully at each unit!

What would be considered a freight damaged ladder?

This would include anything that would make the ladder unsafe for use such as bends or breaks in the ladder. Some normal scuffing which does not harm the ladder can be expected when ladders are shipped common carrier, especially when shipped cross country. Never refuse a ladder that is not freight damaged or otherwise unsafe for use.

What do I do if damage is discovered?

If you are just receiving a single ladder and it is damaged you do not need to do anything but refuse the ladder and contact us: (559) 568-1115 or info@strathmoreladder.com
If there are multiple pieces in your order, refuse the damaged ones only and not the entire shipment. Refusing undamaged product may result in additional charges. Note your actions on the delivery receipt when signing, retain a copy for yourself, and contact us: (559) 568-1115 or info@strathmoreladder.com. Never sign for damaged goods even if noting the damage on the freight bill. Acceptance of damaged goods releases the freight company from liability and severely limits our ability to help.

What do I do if the damage was discovered only after the ladder was signed for?

First and foremost never use a damaged ladder! If you discover the damage within a few hours of delivery we can file a concealed damage claim on your behalf with the freight carrier. You will need to take digital photos of the damage and email them to us at info@strathmoreladder.com. These claims are often denied or only a small percentage paid which is why it is so important to check for damage prior to signing.


Can I buy direct?

It is in your best interest to purchase locally through one of our authorized dealers if possible. Due to the specialty nature of our product however, there will be occasions when a dealer may not be available in your particular area or may not stock the product you want. In those instances we will be happy to work with you to assure your needs are met.

Are your dealer prices the same as your list prices?

Our dealers set their own prices.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer volume commercial use pricing as well as freight incentives for those purchases that qualify. Most of our dealers also offer discounted pricing on larger orders.