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Top Tab


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3.0 Top tab 2” X 5.5” oval shaped attached to upper rail for mounting of top bracket. Flat not formed. For use on most Strathmore brand ladders, 100 series ladders under 8’ in length and certain older 300 & 400 series ladders may require a different part. Please check the specifications carefully before ordering.

Additional Information

Many additional items are available for STRATHMORE BRAND LADDERS. If you do not see what you are looking for please CONTACT US.

All material sold by the ft. comes standard in 10’ lengths unless otherwise indicated. It can also be pre-cut to your specifications for easy shipment and use for a small additional charge.

Replacement parts are for use on Strathmore brand ladders only. Replacement of safety and use labels should be a part of any maintenance program. Not all ladders are good candidates for repair and may have already fulfilled their useful life.

Ladders that are showing signs of excessive wear or have been repaired previously should be considered for replacement. Repairs should be done by qualified professionals using the proper tools, parts, and fasteners.